Technical progress generates new forms of meditation. A modern person is in a rapid information flow. What has gained our consciousness, has a great impact on our behavior and determines the values that we will share in the future. These are not always and not only the values of ancient philosophers, but also the result of our own reflections that can be provoked by any object.
A person concentrates on his/her information space and, being immersed in it, we are in a constant search of protection and self-development (answers to questions). This is similar to how people in the past focused on God and religious rituals. Antiquity is our scientific and spiritual background developed through centuries.
Today, our development, our personal space, our interaction with the surrounding world and people are concentrated in modern devices. At the same time, young people are often forbidden to use mobile devices and social networks. It’s like banning new religions that have taken place in history. Social networks (information technology, mobile applications, the Internet) are our new religion.

2017 year