Nicholas Ovcharov studied psychology, communication techniques, and the relationship man has with himself and with society. Public activity, documentary, art and coaching have been objects of his research for quite some time.

Topics of Nicholas’s priority interest were: the influence of environment on the formation of personality and the impact of mass culture and contemporary art on human relationships. An important place in the list of the artist’s interests is devoted to problems related to the development of the information space, IT technologies and technical progress in general.

The more he learned about this, the more he understood, that well mastered and seemingly effective communication techniques do not always lead people to their desired goals. Having mastered the techniques of verbal communication, Nicholas moved on to another form of interaction with people – creativity. After all, art has always been the most powerful method of communication throughout times.

Recent exhibitions
April 2018 — a special show at the Saatchi Gallery, London.
October 2018 — showing at the Freedom Art Festival, London.

July 2019 — short film «Black Hole» (premiered at Revelation Film Festival in Perth, Australia).